Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Meet the Kakapo

Answer in full sentences.

Question: Who is the teacher is Room 6 at Pt England School?
Incorrect Answer: Mr Goodwin.
Correct Answer: Mr Goodwin is the teacher in Room 6 at Pt England School.

Where were the Kakapo chicks brought over from?
The Kakapo chicks were brought over from Codfish Island     

How many years can Kakapo live for?
A Kakapo can live for Ninety years.

What kind of noises to the males make to attract Females?
The Male kakapo makes a booming noise to attract the females.
The Sound can be heard up to 5 kilometres away.

What kind of food do Kakapo like to eat?
A Kakapo like to eat many food.Their favourite foods include berries ( especially berries from rimu trees ), fruit, nuts ( especially almonds ), seeds, leaves, tussock, grass, fern roots, and moss.Most kakapo also eat a special muesli made by Doc staff. Kakapo muesli contains flour and tapioca along with goodies such as almonds, manuka honey, and spirulina.

What is the role of the National Kakapo team?

The National Kakapo team was formed in 1996. Its role is to help save the kakapo from extinction.The team’s first job was to clear predators from Codfish and Anchor islands.They then began monitoring the kakapo, using small radio transmitters that are attached to the birds’ legs.The National kakapo team is also responsible for giving the birds regular check-ups. They weigh the birds, take their temperature and a blood sample, Check that the bird have no diseases or parasites, and watch for signs of moulting.Most important of all, the team make sure the kakapo get their muesli !

Friday, 20 February 2015

Omaru creek

Walt : to learning more about our Community

Our Task was to create a presentation.About the creek near our School.
We had to explain and show to our readers :
What's the name of our creek ?
Some Photo's from Google maps 
3 simple facts about the creek 
Why they should go and visit our creek

Chicken flavored worms

have you guys ever heard of Chicken Flavored fat juicy worms? It was a ordinary day in literacy until Mr Goodwin’s started to talk about chicken flavored worms.
Our morning was full of surprises.

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

 BY: Alisha Khan

We had to follow the demonstration by our teacher.Our task is to write an introduction that is both interesting and attention grabbing to your reader, as well informative to the direction of our writing. We had to use the rubric to score our buddy.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Problem solving

Walt:We are trying to solve maths with different strategy.
We are learning to solve problem with different strategy, and we have to solve out every single bit sometimes we don't really know what it means so we can ask a buddy, or we can ask someone else but we can't ask for the answer.

The Power of Rubish

Walt: Look beyond the text

What kind of gas is being produced by large rubbish landfills? Methane gas is a colorless, odorless gas with a wide distribution in nature.

What happens if landfills are left alone? If the gas is left alone then it will leak into the ground and into the air.

What are the two ways of dealing with rubbish landfill methane gas buildups? We can flare it or we can use it as gas.

How many homes could the Auckland landfill power with its methane gas? Methane gas from the Auckland landfill can power up about nine thousand homes.

What can the land above a landfill be used for before it can be used for methane gas?
The land can be used for a golf course or sports ground.
We are learning to try look beyond the picture and try to understand the meaning of it.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Duffy Show

Intro-On monday in the afternoon we went to the Duffy show in the hall,it was mainly about encouraging others to something they are not good at and he was trying to help siena to read, and she got better and better at reading and she had a really good imagination.

All of a sudden Duffy came  from the back door  and played his song. And then the the show started. One lady played a bunch of characters. Siana played ( the person that does not like to read) So one day after school on a rainy day Siana went to the library and found Duffy,Duffy said “ hi Siana  I you here to buy a book Siana replied I don’t  know how to read  books. 2 days later Siana came to the same library and Duffy helped Siana read.

When Duffy teached Siana how to read Siana liked to read a lot but when Duffy asked Siana questions she was into television. After a wild Duffy asked Siana “do you want to have a library card”And that's when Siana’s mum came and said “Siana What are you doing here let’s go home and do the dishes” Siana said Duffy really want’s you to sign the library card. And duffy said to Siana’s mum you like fishing I can give you a fishing book And Siana’s mum said OK i will sign the card. And every day she used to come to the library with her friend after school.

Did you know that the whole point about the people playing the duffy show was to encourage the people to read. What if we did not know how to read we won’t even be saying English

What I thought about The Duffy show was it was quiet funny and helpful. all though  they do read.And I hope you enjoyed my Writing

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Whats in the bag

WALT: make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Whitebait Fritters

WALT: follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.

We are learning to complete our tasks to improve our learning, to read instructions in full. We created a presentation about fritters, oh did you notice that the background is white? Well if you did you have a good eyes.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

On Thursday Jan 29th 2015

In the afternoon me and my brother Tai were in his room playing on his, PS4 I was playing second son for him. As I was playing Jordan came along and he said to me,
“ When dad comes back tell him I am gone to the dance OK.” he said and I replied back to him saying, “ OK I will have a good dance.” When Jordan left I was still playing the game, as I was playing I just remembered that tomorrow was Jordan birthday.Then when mum and dad came back from their run, I was so excited that I went to them and I told them that tomorrow was Jordan birthday. They smiled.Once I thought about it I told my sister Lena, when I went to the room I said to her in a  quiet voice “ Lena tomorrow is Jordan's birthday.”
She smiled and she said to me in a regular voice, “ I know baby I will tell you when it is time OK.

When Jordan came back from the dance, the time was 11:58, It was almost 12:00. As the time was ticking, Jordan came to the room and, I asked if he could help me, and he said “ Pass me the controller then.”he said it in a angry grumpy way, I didn't mind so I gave the controller to him.After a few minutes I went to the living room  and it was twelve o’clock  and then I got everyone and we surprised him with a happy birthday song, we all kissed him and wished him a happy birthday.

Hi there Pt England friends today we learned that we have to ...

1. Self check

2. Friend check

It is good to check by yourself or with a friend so you can figure out where the right the right words.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My daily Timetable

We are learning to tell time.So far we have learned about 
1. Am and Pm 
2. A quarter to & A quarter past. 
3. The Different hands 

So I'm go to explain them.First I'm go to explain am and pm. So Am means morning pm means night or afternoon.For an example, 8.00 am means eight 'o clock at morning.And 9.00 pm means nine o' clock at night.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Learning things during the holidays

Hi My name is Heather and today I am going to tell you what I learned in the past few weeks in my holiday.

I learned that you cant always do whatever you want and, let everybody do the work, you have to get up and help out, you have to help clean the dishes, washing, bed rooms, and all those  things. I learned that you have to get out more not just stay in the house and watch on your laptop or TV all day, we have to give our selves a brake from technology and have a night out with our family.

The other things I know is that when you get out of the house with your family, well you feel free, free like you have never felt before. I love having time out with my family, because they make me feel happy and warm inside, I love family they are the best thing I could ever have more then anything in the world.