Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

Walt: Write an effective writing about Cross Country and make sure that you Show and not Tell your audience what happened at Cross Country. 

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On the starting line I could feel my stomach twisting like a washing machine, I prayed to God, praying that he would be by my side, my heart was pounding like a thunder storm getting ready to spread lightning. I could feel the joy of the crowd resonating through my ears, I feel like going home but it was to late to turn back now. Mr Burt yelled, “on your marks, get set...GO!” He smacked the starting blocks together and off we went, I darted off, like a lion released from it’s cage.

We were sprinting like wildfire spreading through the forest, my legs were already starting to fill with pain but I pushed on. I could feel the presence of  the lord within me, the warmth of his loving hands pushing me on. I finally finished my first lap and I was happy for that, I was on my second lap I felt like breaking down but the sound of the crowd pushed me on.

I was relieved to see the finish line, I ran out of breath I felt like the big bad wolf getting ready to blow a house down, my throat dried up like a dessert, my sweat dripping down my face like water falls. When I finally passed the finish line I felt the joy of accomplishment within me, I felt as free as a bird.  


  1. Hey heather nice job on your story about cross country but I think you can do better on your writing I bet you can add even more details to cross country like lot's of thing's about cross country even though you all ready know but I'm just saying that you can do better on your writing.

    1. Hi Noah
      Thank you for your advice and your comment. I will try my best next time to add more details into it.