Monday, 26 March 2018

Made In Taiwan Summary

What was the main purpose of Nathan and Oscar's trip?
The main purpose for them was to find where their ancestors first originated
from. As they researched and found more information about where they came
from, they went from island to island collecting more and more detail about their
ancestors and about themselves.

Some great discovery they found through there trips were, the Lapita pottery,
shared with them by an archaeologist. Lapita pottery is an ancient bowl created
about 15000 years ago. As Nathan and Oscar were scanning the small pieces
of the pot, they found some patterns that were similar to the Samoan patterns
we use for traditional tattoos.  

Every island they visited always had something similar to their homeland/country.
Out of it all, the most similar thing was their language. Each island they visited
had language similar to there own, example, Tongans and Samoans have
similar sayings, names for dances, etc. It was amazing to see how we aren't
so different to each other, I mean, even our traditions are nearly similar.

They succeeded to find more things about who we are and how not so different
we are to those around us.