Thursday, 5 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

On Thursday Jan 29th 2015

In the afternoon me and my brother Tai were in his room playing on his, PS4 I was playing second son for him. As I was playing Jordan came along and he said to me,
“ When dad comes back tell him I am gone to the dance OK.” he said and I replied back to him saying, “ OK I will have a good dance.” When Jordan left I was still playing the game, as I was playing I just remembered that tomorrow was Jordan birthday.Then when mum and dad came back from their run, I was so excited that I went to them and I told them that tomorrow was Jordan birthday. They smiled.Once I thought about it I told my sister Lena, when I went to the room I said to her in a  quiet voice “ Lena tomorrow is Jordan's birthday.”
She smiled and she said to me in a regular voice, “ I know baby I will tell you when it is time OK.

When Jordan came back from the dance, the time was 11:58, It was almost 12:00. As the time was ticking, Jordan came to the room and, I asked if he could help me, and he said “ Pass me the controller then.”he said it in a angry grumpy way, I didn't mind so I gave the controller to him.After a few minutes I went to the living room  and it was twelve o’clock  and then I got everyone and we surprised him with a happy birthday song, we all kissed him and wished him a happy birthday.

Hi there Pt England friends today we learned that we have to ...

1. Self check

2. Friend check

It is good to check by yourself or with a friend so you can figure out where the right the right words.

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