Sunday, 1 February 2015

Learning things during the holidays

Hi My name is Heather and today I am going to tell you what I learned in the past few weeks in my holiday.

I learned that you cant always do whatever you want and, let everybody do the work, you have to get up and help out, you have to help clean the dishes, washing, bed rooms, and all those  things. I learned that you have to get out more not just stay in the house and watch on your laptop or TV all day, we have to give our selves a brake from technology and have a night out with our family.

The other things I know is that when you get out of the house with your family, well you feel free, free like you have never felt before. I love having time out with my family, because they make me feel happy and warm inside, I love family they are the best thing I could ever have more then anything in the world.


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  2. Hi Heather that is good you have learned something during in the holidays and woke up and did the chores.