Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery:

Last Friday the year fives and six travelled to the Auckland Art Gallery. We travelled a ginormous way to get their. Once we got their we all were so extremely excited to go inside the Auckland Art Gallery. As we were hanging around in the bus we all watched the other groups of them walk past us, we were waving to them well they were walking. once they went past it was time for us to go with them so we all quickly stand up and we all ran out the door as fast as we could to go inside the Auckland Art.

Before we went inside the art gallery we had to get into some little groups. Miss Ouano called the groups name and we had to go to our groups. Class 10 and Class 9 and Class 7, met 4 lovely ladies, their names were Charlotte, Mandy,Linda and Alice. Miss Ouano’s Group was chosen to go with Linda, we all followed her to where we were going. As we followed her she showed us a place that place had many drawings, drawings of many kind she told us painting can tell many stories.

As she was showing us around we all were looking at painting along the hall way, we stopped at a place where their were humongous paintings and some interesting ones as well, as we all sat down she told us about a story of a man and a girl who saw a young man in  cave as they walked in they saw a old women sitting in a old chair.

After all that we all went outside for some fresh air and once we went outside we all had some of our tasty lunch.

As we all were trying to finish of our food some of us were playing games and played on the side of the stares some people were being very silly, and some people were being very kind by letting people who had not have a turn in front of them.

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