Thursday, 24 May 2018

Changes in Tokelau

Today in class we have learned about the changes that are happening in Tokelau. One of the many great changes that have happened in Tokelau is the fact that, women are now allowed to attend the fono (council meetings). I think that this is a great change because now, the women can now get a fair idea about whats going on in the villages/island, they can now share there point of view in what should or shouldn't happen.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Social Studies

Two concepts I learned today are Migration and Globalisation. I learned that migration is when people move from one place to another. For example, you live in New Zeland for 5years and then for the next 10 you move to Australia and live there etc. Globalisation is when is like when other businesses or organizations develop international influence or begin operating on an international scale.

In Tokelau, there are many challenges that they (the people of Tokelau) are facing. One challenge they are facing is education. In the video, we found out that there education/schooling only go from the ages 5 - 8 (years 1 -4), In this situation some kids either get homeschooled or sent over to other islands/countries to gain better knowledge and skills.

Another challenge they are facing is the number of people who are leaving and migrating to other island and countries, especially the young strong ones, (Around the ages of 16 and over). The reason being to why their numbers are decreasing is because most of the kids and families are leaving to other islands/countries to gain a better education for themselves and to become more skilled than they already are. Another thing we learned during this lesson