Thursday, 28 June 2018

Migration Model Paragraph

This Migration Model shows the movement between people from one place to another. There are different reasons why people leave their place of origin, there are both push and pull reasons. Push reasons are the negative reasons that push people away from there land of origin, example, in Tokelauan people, are starting to move due to, limited education, pay isn’t good, qualities of jobs aren't as good and so forth. The pull reasons are the positive reasons that attract people to another place of destination, let’s take the Tokelauan people as our example, they migrated from their country of origin to their new destination NZ (New Zealand), they moved there because of all the pull reasons like, they get better pay, the education is better and many other reasons.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Changes in Tokelau

Today in class we have learned about the changes that are happening in Tokelau. One of the many great changes that have happened in Tokelau is the fact that, women are now allowed to attend the fono (council meetings). I think that this is a great change because now, the women can now get a fair idea about whats going on in the villages/island, they can now share there point of view in what should or shouldn't happen.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Social Studies

Two concepts I learned today are Migration and Globalisation. I learned that migration is when people move from one place to another. For example, you live in New Zeland for 5years and then for the next 10 you move to Australia and live there etc. Globalisation is when is like when other businesses or organizations develop international influence or begin operating on an international scale.

In Tokelau, there are many challenges that they (the people of Tokelau) are facing. One challenge they are facing is education. In the video, we found out that there education/schooling only go from the ages 5 - 8 (years 1 -4), In this situation some kids either get homeschooled or sent over to other islands/countries to gain better knowledge and skills.

Another challenge they are facing is the number of people who are leaving and migrating to other island and countries, especially the young strong ones, (Around the ages of 16 and over). The reason being to why their numbers are decreasing is because most of the kids and families are leaving to other islands/countries to gain a better education for themselves and to become more skilled than they already are. Another thing we learned during this lesson

Monday, 26 March 2018

Made In Taiwan Summary

What was the main purpose of Nathan and Oscar's trip?
The main purpose for them was to find where their ancestors first originated
from. As they researched and found more information about where they came
from, they went from island to island collecting more and more detail about their
ancestors and about themselves.

Some great discovery they found through there trips were, the Lapita pottery,
shared with them by an archaeologist. Lapita pottery is an ancient bowl created
about 15000 years ago. As Nathan and Oscar were scanning the small pieces
of the pot, they found some patterns that were similar to the Samoan patterns
we use for traditional tattoos.  

Every island they visited always had something similar to their homeland/country.
Out of it all, the most similar thing was their language. Each island they visited
had language similar to there own, example, Tongans and Samoans have
similar sayings, names for dances, etc. It was amazing to see how we aren't
so different to each other, I mean, even our traditions are nearly similar.

They succeeded to find more things about who we are and how not so different
we are to those around us.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

SOS - Waitangi Day

What did you do on Waitangi Day?

On Waitangi day I spent the morning getting prepared with my family to go for a morning run.
I really enjoyed it because, not only did I get to spend time with my family, but I was able to
push my limit and go non stop around the Bayson! For me that was a very big achievement because,
usually I would stop after five minutes and walk the rest, but with the help of my supportive brothers
and cousin, I was able to push my limit and run all the way round!  

Do you think we should celebrate Waitangi Day?
                   ( continue to enjoy a day off )
Yes / no ‘ Give a reason
For me I am not sure. Reason being is because, I don’t have much of an understanding on what
Waitangi day is about. I do understand that on that very day, the treaty of Waitangi was signed.
I mean, I do enjoy the fact that we get the day off to spend time with our loved ones on that day,
but to be very honest with you, I really want to understand more about waitangi day and what secrets
that treaty holds, what power does this treaty hold? Is it really that important? If so, why did we have
to make a treaty just to create peace between the two nations? I hope one day I will be able to

  1. It was a place she wanted to visit. Because she understood the history of why waitangi day
  2. is important.
  3. She did not come simply for the beauty and the hospitality of the place, he and others came
  4. because there was much work. . . Much work to do.
  5. Because it was very important to them.