Friday, 28 February 2014

All about my friends

I like my friends because they are the most nice friends in the world and there names are Roimata Ru and Alisha, Khan they make funny poses when ever I feel down not well or not happy at all, and they say something that will cheer me up and make me do some funny poses all the time and I never evr feel down when ever they are, around me and always make me happy every single day.

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Qualities of a good friend

greatest friend in your most greatest in your life.

Do you want to know what a great nice friend is? well let me explain.
If you were all alone and you had no one to play with you would feel down and not happy at all and if somebody was making, fun of you then don’t just stand there crying go tell the teacher and then you two will forgive each other, and get along so if you feel down again go ask someone to play with you and be your most trusted and loving kind

A great friend would be very very helpful and, so kind that they might help you to, go to the sick bay if you are not feeling so good.Let me give you some examples like if someone forgets there netbook at home, and they didno’t know what to do,some body would allowed you to go on there netbook with them and then you would know what to do and feel very pleased with the new person that allowed you to go on there netbook.

If someone try to hit you down onto the hard part on the field then go, back and move to the part where there are space to go thru them and don’t, try to get hit by them then fall on the ground where you will really lose it all and never remember what went wrong, so remember not to go thru them when you know that you are going to, get hit to the ground don’t try to show that you are really strong cause you might not or you might be but just like I said don’t try to be strong just walk away from them and others that will try to hit you down to where the most hardest part of the concrete and you might you might bleed.Most of all you might have to go to the Hospital and your mother and father and your brother and sister everyone, in your mummy and daddy family will be so so so! sad, and they will be crying if you lost your mind and then they will have to tell you all about your childhood and, when your birthday is and how old you are and all kind of things that you have forgotten and then when you, are remembering everything then you can go back to school and start doing a very good job at,
school and then you can remember everything that you are about to do with your most trusted family friend in your life.
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014