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Thursday, 30 October 2014

All about samoa

Talofa lava

Today this slide show is about Samoa. There are five slides and I am going to give you five question today. 

Number one why did the hippo wear sun screen? 

A. Because he had sunburn

B. He was hot

C. It is very hot and he will get sunburn

Number two

Why did the lion go into the fridge?

A. He was going to get a fish
B. He was going to get a mango
C. He was going to get a coconut

Number three

How long will it take to get from NZ to Samoa?
A. 6 hours or 12 hours
B. 10 hours or 13 hours
C. 2 hours or 3-4 hours

Number four 

What happens when the dragon eats too much pork bun?

A. Because you might get fat
B.Because then you might not have anymore pork buns
C. Because you will never ever have pork buns ever in your life again

Number five
Why did the wolf go to the samoan beach?

A. Because it was a better place to swim
B.Because it was very cold and clean
C.Because it loved the fishes in the sea

Friday, 24 October 2014


Wired 3.3.08
by Iona McNaughton
WALT: Create new ideas from the information in the text

  1. What makes Regan’s plant “ultimate”?
  2. Which is your favourite piece of art and why?

  1. Write 5 questions you could ask Regan Gentry to find out more about him and his art works.

  1. How many wired plants have you mad?
  2. What are their names?
  3. Who inspired you to do this?
  4. Why did you make birds out of bread?
  5. Where about is it?

Turn your interview questions into a movie using Movenote OR an ipad and make sure to plan your questions and answers! Make sure to plan before you record!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Victorian Era

The Louth-London Royal MailOnce in the 1880 there lived poor little children and they were offered a job in a filthy place. They really wanted to go to school but instead they had to work. It was so sad I couldn't even watch at all it was so sad I was about to cry. When they were doing there work this man was singing and the children were working. Then they started to sing. “ Work terrible work. Work terrible work.” Sang other words to. After that this man was so mean because this girl was just singing and then the man put up a sign beside her and she said to him, “ Sorry,” Then it said “No talking no even whistling.” Then she had to be quiet all of them had to they all became quiet and started to do their work. At the end they started to sing, “ I wish I could go to school like other kids do I wish I could to school like other kids do.” But they had to work all their lives.

My background for my animation

This is my image that I am using for my animation. A artist named Paul Cezanne he was the on who painted this art work. This panting was finished in 1880.

Why we have to stay sunsmart

Why we have to stay sunsmart.

How we stay safe from the sun?
Do you know why we have to stay safe from the sun? Well if you don’t I can help you here is a few tips on why we stay safe from the sun.Hi I am going to tell you something about being sun safety. September to April from 10am to 4pm that is the time of sunburn time, that is the time the suns temperature of the sun goes stronger and hotter it can even cause damage to your body. Now I am going to tell you why we have to be Sunsmart.


Whenever you go to the beach on a really sunny day, you will have to take sunblock so when you are in the sun and not in the shade, you can wear sunblock so you don’t get sunburned.


When you go places on a sunny day, you should make sure we wear something that will protected from the sun. because you can get sunburned, so make sure to wear a sun hat and a thin long sleeve so you don’t get too hot and get a bleeding nose. Most of all so you don't get burnt.

Preparing for the sun:

When you are preparing to go to a beach you always have to protect yourself. SO when you are preparing to leave, to go to the beach you have to make sure you pack the right things, on a sunny day.You have to make sure you bring your sunscreen, and your hats and all the things you really need. So once you go into the water your sunscreen will protect you, well you are in the water.

Listen so you don’t get sunburned:

The reason why we listen to our mum, and dad is because when they tell us to put sunblock on, we have to listen before we will get skin cancer. That is deadly for those who don’t know. So if you don’t listen to your mum and dad you can get really burnt so always, remember to listen to them ok.

Why do we have to stay sunsmart? Give me two sentence why we have to be sunsmart.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Maths practice

Roimata and her friend Heather went to go tricky treating when they came back they started to count up there sweet lollies Roimata had 99  lollies Heather had 38 lollies how many are all together?