Friday, 13 February 2015

Duffy Show

Intro-On monday in the afternoon we went to the Duffy show in the hall,it was mainly about encouraging others to something they are not good at and he was trying to help siena to read, and she got better and better at reading and she had a really good imagination.

All of a sudden Duffy came  from the back door  and played his song. And then the the show started. One lady played a bunch of characters. Siana played ( the person that does not like to read) So one day after school on a rainy day Siana went to the library and found Duffy,Duffy said “ hi Siana  I you here to buy a book Siana replied I don’t  know how to read  books. 2 days later Siana came to the same library and Duffy helped Siana read.

When Duffy teached Siana how to read Siana liked to read a lot but when Duffy asked Siana questions she was into television. After a wild Duffy asked Siana “do you want to have a library card”And that's when Siana’s mum came and said “Siana What are you doing here let’s go home and do the dishes” Siana said Duffy really want’s you to sign the library card. And duffy said to Siana’s mum you like fishing I can give you a fishing book And Siana’s mum said OK i will sign the card. And every day she used to come to the library with her friend after school.

Did you know that the whole point about the people playing the duffy show was to encourage the people to read. What if we did not know how to read we won’t even be saying English

What I thought about The Duffy show was it was quiet funny and helpful. all though  they do read.And I hope you enjoyed my Writing

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