Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Meet the Kakapo

Answer in full sentences.

Question: Who is the teacher is Room 6 at Pt England School?
Incorrect Answer: Mr Goodwin.
Correct Answer: Mr Goodwin is the teacher in Room 6 at Pt England School.

Where were the Kakapo chicks brought over from?
The Kakapo chicks were brought over from Codfish Island     

How many years can Kakapo live for?
A Kakapo can live for Ninety years.

What kind of noises to the males make to attract Females?
The Male kakapo makes a booming noise to attract the females.
The Sound can be heard up to 5 kilometres away.

What kind of food do Kakapo like to eat?
A Kakapo like to eat many food.Their favourite foods include berries ( especially berries from rimu trees ), fruit, nuts ( especially almonds ), seeds, leaves, tussock, grass, fern roots, and moss.Most kakapo also eat a special muesli made by Doc staff. Kakapo muesli contains flour and tapioca along with goodies such as almonds, manuka honey, and spirulina.

What is the role of the National Kakapo team?

The National Kakapo team was formed in 1996. Its role is to help save the kakapo from extinction.The team’s first job was to clear predators from Codfish and Anchor islands.They then began monitoring the kakapo, using small radio transmitters that are attached to the birds’ legs.The National kakapo team is also responsible for giving the birds regular check-ups. They weigh the birds, take their temperature and a blood sample, Check that the bird have no diseases or parasites, and watch for signs of moulting.Most important of all, the team make sure the kakapo get their muesli !

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