Monday, 24 September 2018

Table Tennis Trip

Last week on Thursday me and a group of year nine students were selected to go on a trip down to Grace International Hall (By Pak'n Save )  To play some table tennis with some elderlies. We went down and met up with an officer called Len. He explained to us that most of the people there were full Chinese and that most of them were ages 80+. He walked us in and as we went in we introduced ourselves "Nihao ma wo jiao Heather", which means "Hello my name is Heather".  Not long after introducing ourselves we went and started playing. It started off slow, one student at a time, just rotating, but then we started to open up and all split up and versed different people, will play two on two, and pare up with an elderly, then will play one on ones, all different type of things. It was a blast getting to meet some new people that I wasn't really familiar with, and out of all this, I finally learned how to play table tennis properly. But it was a good experience. After all the fun we returned back to school and period three and carried on throughout our days.

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  1. Hey heather

    Congrats on learning Chinese and learning to play table tennis. I'm left wondering, what was the results of the games you played with the elderly. Just curious. Sounds like a wonderful trip overall.