Thursday, 30 October 2014

All about samoa

Talofa lava

Today this slide show is about Samoa. There are five slides and I am going to give you five question today. 

Number one why did the hippo wear sun screen? 

A. Because he had sunburn

B. He was hot

C. It is very hot and he will get sunburn

Number two

Why did the lion go into the fridge?

A. He was going to get a fish
B. He was going to get a mango
C. He was going to get a coconut

Number three

How long will it take to get from NZ to Samoa?
A. 6 hours or 12 hours
B. 10 hours or 13 hours
C. 2 hours or 3-4 hours

Number four 

What happens when the dragon eats too much pork bun?

A. Because you might get fat
B.Because then you might not have anymore pork buns
C. Because you will never ever have pork buns ever in your life again

Number five
Why did the wolf go to the samoan beach?

A. Because it was a better place to swim
B.Because it was very cold and clean
C.Because it loved the fishes in the sea

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