Thursday, 23 October 2014

Victorian Era

The Louth-London Royal MailOnce in the 1880 there lived poor little children and they were offered a job in a filthy place. They really wanted to go to school but instead they had to work. It was so sad I couldn't even watch at all it was so sad I was about to cry. When they were doing there work this man was singing and the children were working. Then they started to sing. “ Work terrible work. Work terrible work.” Sang other words to. After that this man was so mean because this girl was just singing and then the man put up a sign beside her and she said to him, “ Sorry,” Then it said “No talking no even whistling.” Then she had to be quiet all of them had to they all became quiet and started to do their work. At the end they started to sing, “ I wish I could go to school like other kids do I wish I could to school like other kids do.” But they had to work all their lives.

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  1. I love how you have shared you new learning Heather! Image if you had to work?

    Miss Ouano :)