Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why we have to stay sunsmart

Why we have to stay sunsmart.

How we stay safe from the sun?
Do you know why we have to stay safe from the sun? Well if you don’t I can help you here is a few tips on why we stay safe from the sun.Hi I am going to tell you something about being sun safety. September to April from 10am to 4pm that is the time of sunburn time, that is the time the suns temperature of the sun goes stronger and hotter it can even cause damage to your body. Now I am going to tell you why we have to be Sunsmart.


Whenever you go to the beach on a really sunny day, you will have to take sunblock so when you are in the sun and not in the shade, you can wear sunblock so you don’t get sunburned.


When you go places on a sunny day, you should make sure we wear something that will protected from the sun. because you can get sunburned, so make sure to wear a sun hat and a thin long sleeve so you don’t get too hot and get a bleeding nose. Most of all so you don't get burnt.

Preparing for the sun:

When you are preparing to go to a beach you always have to protect yourself. SO when you are preparing to leave, to go to the beach you have to make sure you pack the right things, on a sunny day.You have to make sure you bring your sunscreen, and your hats and all the things you really need. So once you go into the water your sunscreen will protect you, well you are in the water.

Listen so you don’t get sunburned:

The reason why we listen to our mum, and dad is because when they tell us to put sunblock on, we have to listen before we will get skin cancer. That is deadly for those who don’t know. So if you don’t listen to your mum and dad you can get really burnt so always, remember to listen to them ok.

Why do we have to stay sunsmart? Give me two sentence why we have to be sunsmart.

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