Friday, 20 June 2014

The key Competencies.

The key Competencies.

Hi my name is Heather. Would you like to know what are the key competencies? You ask me. Well there is 5 skills that we need, to always use at school in order to succeed and become the life long learners. Now I am going to move on to what the the key competencies I am really successful at and the one that, I really need to work on. Soon when I tell you what I am successful at I want to say that being at school can, really turn your brain on most of all I can make you think as well and don’t, get me wrong because it happened to me once I came to this lovely school Pt England I was new to that school then, I was just five years old I growed up to be nine then I came into class 10 it was a, very nice great class where we can learn all kind of new things in this class like the key competencies it is a very good lesson.

Managing self

The key competencies that I am really great at is Managing my self and a whole bunch of things but, most of all Managing my self. How I am really good at managing my self like I always think about my actions, controlling my body and make sure I am trying, my best to managing my own self with no distraction. Now that I have finish with my managing my self I am going to tell you about what I am not really good at sometimes. Before we all move on I want to tell you all about managing your self for the people out, there that do not know how to manage yourself then all you have to do is well here is some few tips how, to manage yourself. Step number1 all you have to do is sit on the mat and if you want to tell the teacher something is by, putting your hand up and most of all if someone is talking to you then move away.Once you have you can be managing your self with lots of behaviour.

Participating and Contributing

The thing that I am bad at for the key competence is participating and  contributing sometimes because whenever I am on the ground, for our reading groups and when I was on the mat I didn’t really listen, then the teacher asked me then she said to me to listen whenever, she is talking so I stopped playing with my hand and then I got a little good at my participating and contributing. Once I got a little bit better I was finally got the hang of it.


Well it was nice sharing this with you and most of I had lots of fun sharing all this KC with you, it was lot of fun well I think you should go it is getting late, well I hope to share more with you next time.See you.

Hey do you want to ask some questions? Well I hope you do because I have some cool ones it is about KC.

Ok what are you good at in KC.

A(Managing self)
B(Participating and contributing)
D(Relating to others)
E(Using language and symbols and text)

Name one thing that you are bad at in five of this words?

Please leave a comment underneath please.

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  1. hi Heather its me aysha I love the whey you explain the key competencies, I think that can do
    Managing self.