Friday, 20 June 2014

Optimist Sailing Dinghy Research

Optimist  Sailing Dinghy Research
WALT: Use extended text from the internet to find new information about our topic.
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1. What materials are the optimist made of today? Wood

2. Who is the optimist designed specifically for?Fiberglass

3. Why was the optimist made? For kids to learn how to sail a Optimist Dinghy.

4. How many kilograms is the hull of an optimist? 35Kg

5. How does the Optimist dinghy help future olympians? When they grow up the will know the parts of the Optimist Dinghy.

6. Who would you recommend the Optimist Sailing Dinghy to? The Children or their older brothers and sisters.

Blogger: Find an image of an Optimist Sailing Dinghy and write a few sentences explaining what it is (3++ sentences).
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