Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What we do @Pt England school?

Monday 8th April

Hi today I am going to talk to you about, what we do @Pt England school?


Well the thing that I do at school is, we learn and we do some silent reading as well, It is really good for your brain to get started and to get it started with, some idea for your writing or reading as well just to make it sound interesting. The first thing that we do when we went down to the mat is our silent reading sometimes we read for, about 30min. Sooner or later when the 30min is over we all have to put away our book and the first ten on the mat to get some points. The reason why we all want points is because the one who gets the highest points gets a prize on Fridays or, Mondays because if the teacher has something to do that Friday that day then you get it on the next day of school. Oh I forget to tell you who was there?Well if I did I am going to tell you who was there. The people that was there was our teacher Miss Ouano and the class10 students there, is about 30 I am not sure? 


Well it was nice sharing this to you about a what we do at Pt England school. Maybe some other time I will talk to you about something more exciting.Well see you next time bye.I hope to see you next time have a good day see yah.

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