Friday, 11 April 2014

.All about my best friends and me.

Hi there friends do you know me? Well if you don’t I will tell you my name is Heather. I am a Samoan girl that was born in New Zealand. Today we are going to talk about “All about my best friends and me.”

Me and my friends always play at the senior’s playground, where all the year 4’s,5’s,6’s and up play on. It is a really cool playground it has monkey bars and it has a flying fox as well, and a tornado. My friends name is:Roimata and Alisha. They are most greatest friends I had in my whole life they were the first two I have, ever met in 5th grade those two treated me like a sister I didn’t really treat them like sisters because they, were just strange’s to me. Then as we were slowly growing older we all became nine as three friends moved, up to the same classroom class 10 room 13.
I was so surprised that us three friends saw each other in the same classroom we were laughing, a little bit as we were walking around to find our own desks.

After when us three friend saw the most greatest spots for us three, I told them “ Hey guys there is a seat where we can sit.” So we went and choice those three seats it was very comfortable a little bit. Once we found our spots our new teacher Ms Ouano put our names on the, desks and we had to sellotape it up so it can stay on there so we know which one is ours instead of sitting on, someone elses seat and it would be a waste of time sitting down on that persons chair.

Then after about 4 or 5 weeks we all started to get use to our new classroom it was actually nice in our, new classroom. But then the next day me and my other classmates  were walking to class we saw this big fence it was, not the hight of me but something else. I was wondering what was happening so we all went inside when the bell, just went for us to start school.
When we all sat down on the mat Ms Ouano told us what was happening once she told us we all got what, she means she told us that they were basting down her old classroom and making a new one for us it sounded excited.

Well sorry I got to go but I could tell you next time and thanks for listening to me maybe I can finish of the story tomorrow, how about that ha. Well bye hope you enjoyed my story. See you next time.  

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