Friday, 11 April 2014

What is Fiafia?


Talofa lava I am a Samoa girl and I am from Pt England School where we learn all kind of new things.Today I am going to talk to you about what fiafia means. To all the Pt England school students in Pt England. Have you ever heard of fiafia before? Well for the people who never heard of it I am going to tell you.
Fiafia means in Samoa and Tonga happy and for the NZ people it means celebration and joy to all the NZ people.

What it means is drama and having fun we did Fiafia a long time ago for the school birthday it turned 60 years old, when I heard it turned 60 on fiafia I was so surprised. We all tuse 3 things that we want to do then when the teachers see what we have chosen they put us in the group that we put in the 3 empty box. I chose to be in Samoa group and hip hop and whovian group I was hoping that they would put me in samoa but I was chosen to be in whovian, I didn’t really mind because I always wanted to be in a different group before. My group was the whovian hula girls it is a very nice relaxing song, oh and our dance starts soft then it goes sort of fast then a little bit more faster and speedy. Most of all I thought that our team would look awesome like all the other groups.

When that day of Fiafia! Came, we all started  participating and we were Managing our hands feet and mouth and everything, when we were walking down to where we sit in our rows, and once we got there we were watching this short video clip and it was really funny and most of all has all the information that, all the parents need to know about the 10 steps. Once it was starting we all started to watch all the fiafia groups one at a time, it was awesome. Sooner or later it was time for the hula girls group I was so nervous but then I just looked at my hands, and did the moves with the other girls it was really really! AWESOME! Then when we finish our dance we did our second dance it went a little faster we did it about 3x it was amazing. After that we did this stick dance it was amazing and some of us did some mistakes but, we did not care about that we just kept on going till we finished our dance. Screenshot 2014-04-11 at 10.55.29 AM.png

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  1. Hi Heather
    I think you've did a really great job explaining what Fiafia means if someone didn't know what fiafia means then this writing would really help

    From: Yvonne