Friday, 19 September 2014

Key Competencies Explanation

Managing self:
For Example, when you are not making a good choice you should stop, think then do the right choice. Always make sure that you are, listening to the teacher and keep your hands and legs to yourself  And Always Manage yourself so you can get a good report and make you mum and dad proud. If you come to school every day to learn in the future you and I will get a good  job. The reason why we should manage our self is because if we don’t we might not do anything good but if you do pick the right choice and           

Relating to others:
For example

Relating to others mean you are being nice and you are listening to what they say and most of all when someone is talking you have to listen and  not talk over them. Sometimes people are being mean to people when they have done nothing wrong to them and sometimes you have to look after that person and say sorry then get together and play again.

for example  
Thinking is an important part of your body. So when you do your math you can be a very brainy student and know what the answer is just like that. After about a year or so you will become a grown up, and once you have a family you will be able to go and find a job. Then when your boss tells you to do something you will think  about  what you're  going to do all so  you can think   about what to be when you grow up. Then you can think of your future what you are going to be like when you are an old person you can tell stories when you were young and tell it to your young ones.

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