Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The High Bar

The High Bar 3.3.00

WALT: Analyze surface features and the language used
  1. The authors describe the high bar in different ways by giving it human/animal like characteristics (personification and simile (using the words ‘as’ or ‘like’). List examples of these characteristics below.

The human or living characteristics of the high bar,  gravity, her legs.
Copy the sentences from the story here.
It wants to kill me.
The high bars are looking down to her, and says nothing.
She sensed it waiting, impatient as a wild horse, wanting to be free.
The bar glows softly.

  1. Using personification. Write a sentence personifying the items/objects listed below.

Write your sentences below.
a netball or rugby ball being passed to you.
When the netball was coming towards me, I thought it said to me “ Eat me.” When we and my friends were playing passes with the rugby ball I think it said “Bye.”
a kayak
The Kayak was so slow I felt like it said to me” I am Tired.”
your netbook
Sometimes when I open my netbook, I always think its saying to me “ I don’t want to do some work.”
your shoes
Whenever I put my shoes on it says “I don’t want to go.”

  1. Using simile. Write a sentence that describes these items/objects like something else.

Write your sentences below.
the grass
The grass was cold saying it wants a blanket.
a kayak
The kayak was so slow saying I am tired.
a pair of scissors
The pair of  scissors were very sharp, i felt like it was saying it was going to cut me.
a pie
When I was staring at a pie, the pie to me felt like it was, saying Please don't eat me.

Blogger: Pick two of the items above and using online paint illustrate these objects but make them look like the thing you said they are like. Post the images to your blog with the sentences that match.

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