Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The year Fives and six's Camp.

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Would you ever sleep at Pt England? Well guess what? I am too. This week!

This coming Wednesday,Thursday and Friday the year five’s and six’s student are going camping at Pt England. The people who are coming to our camp is the teacher and the people who are coming is the, Teacher the fathers and the students.

The one thing I am really really! Excited about is Kayaking,because I have never ever kayaked in my whole entire life and,most of all the other reason why I am so so so! Excited is because we get to go to the mangery pools on friday, and  most of all get to make yummy food and the kids always makes the, best sweets of all.

The reason why that I love camp is because we always get to do fun things and we get to sleep in tents, outside the classroom and most of all we get to make fire and make food out of the fire most of all have mushrooms and eat it off a stick and , I bet it will taste yummy.
The most exciting is the day we all get to go to the Mangery pools for our last day of camp and have our last time of having fun and, thank the teachers and our dad’s for being our most grateful security in camp and then we will all pack up and pack our clothings go and, say thanks to the teachers and tell them thank you for providing this camp for us, and we will never  forget this day today was the best day ever.

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