Saturday, 24 September 2016

End of term 3 :(

Yesterday was the last day of Term 3 which means next term will be the last term for the year 8’s, which is really sad because we are going to miss them very dearly. But, even though it is going to be tough to say goodbye we should still be filled with happiness and joy because, we know that they will be ready for any challenges that comes their way, not to mention they will be going to college and setting new goals in life. Also, we know that they were once one of us. So it is going to be hard to say bye to the year 8’s when the time comes, but we just need to remember to keep our faith in them well they are setting a new path for their new journeys.

Anyways, it is the school holidays and for most of us we will be doing the regular routines. Like making your bed, after that you’ll go and have some breakfast before having a quick shower and brush your teeth. Later on you’ll brush your hair to make sure it isn’t all tangled up and looks like you woke up in a jungle with a bunch of wild monkeys. Then you do at least five or less chores before going outside to play with your friends, and so it repeats for many days to come.

But for some of us, we won’t be repeating all these same things everyday. We will be getting up at 6:30am on Monday to get ready to leave the house for the most exciting week of all time, RIVER SIDE CAMP AT WILLOW PARK! It is going to be the best 5 days of our lives. Everyday each activity is going to be, wet, mucky, funny, tiering, competitive and the obvious AWESOME! Even me describing how it is going to go gives me goosebumps already. I just wish it could go on for a whole month, can’t wait to go. Let’s hope the whole 5 days are going to be bright and sunny.

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