Monday, 11 April 2016

Sick at home

Sick at home

Today is the 11th of April and I am stuck at home sick with a fever and a headache. I gotta say I really don’t like being sick, because it keeps me away from school which means I miss out on a lot of learning and, I miss out on my friends. The thing that I miss mostly at school is my friends, there are seven of them these are there names, Roimata, Alisha, Dezarae, Aysha, Cameo, Talita lastly she is the most funniest most greatest most fobbest of them all, Inez ( Too be honest she is my cousin. )

We play all these cool games at morning tea and lunch like, we run around, play basketball, master, I dare you and all those other cool games with hoops and running in it, and we also talk about many things like, what we did last year, what might happen next term, we make fun of each other ( In a good way. ) Lastly we tell secrets, secrets that we can not tell anyone about.

I cannot wait to get back to school tomorrow.

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  1. Ohhhhh you're so sweet !
    Hi Heather
    I really like that blog post, you did about being sick. You really are my bf forever.
    Keep blogging I love reading them