Thursday, 21 January 2016

My Friends - Miss use all

My holidays were great, me and my family went to the beach and we also went down to Hamilton to celebrate my sister birthday. But I could feel it was missing a little something, it was missing...... My BFF'S!!!

First up here is Roimata.....
Sure she can get angry and mad, but really she is a kind sweet and amazing girl. ( P.S. She is great at sports) 

Second up is Alisha.....
Sure she can hurt your feelings and not apologizes but, if there is one thing I know is that, she is a whole different person once you get to know her. (P.S. She is very good at making people laugh )

Third up in my Bff list is Dezarae.....
Dezarae can sometimes get a temper and explodes like a timer bomb but really, if you get closer and closer with her as a friend, you'll see what she is really like. (P.S. She is a great singer and helps out when something is going wrong )

I am sorry that her picture is blurry but this is another one of my friends, her name is Aysha.....
Sure she can be sad and get angry and hurt us, but really she is a strong happy sweet beautiful and fun person, she is a great friend.
(P.S. She loves animals and she is a sweet and fun girl)

Screenshot 2015-07-27 at 9.50.47 AM.png
And my other BFF. Who could forget her, her name is Henslahval or for short is, Lahval.....
Sure she can annoy you sometimes and hurt you, but to be honest with you, she is a great and honest person, and I trust her with all of my heart, but not only her I trust all of them with all of my heart, because we are close friends and sure we may keep secrets, but we can share it when we are ready not because the others say, I love my friends they are like family and God made us so, we are sisters in a way. But yeah they are the most trusting friends I could have never ever have asked for better ones. 
(P.S. Lahval is a great friend )

Well this is all from my holiday blogging. 
See you soon my friends (: 


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  2. awwwww I miss you all#Love you Bffs I could never forget any of yous

    Love and Love hips Of Love for everyone