Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Trip to the dentist / Where did they go?

WALT: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

When literacy started the dentist rang for me, I went and she did something to my teeth. When she was done, I came back noticing that my literacy crew has left. I was wondering where they have left too. I turn around and go outside and see them walking back, but as they were walking back some of them were holding eggs that was really weird.

When I was sent to the dentist, I was walking their I see a bunch of girls on the way to the dentist, they all were just twirling around. But when I got outside I see a teacher with a student playing handball, I was talking to myself in my head saying, (Isn’t that student supposed to be in class?)Then as I was walking I got to the dentist and see that a woman was waiting for me standing there, she opened the door and in I went, she took me to room 3 and I lay down onto the chair and it fell back and went up. She gave me a pair of dark sunglasses so the light won't get into my eyes.

Then she asked a me a question, she said “ Is your mum OK for me to pull your teeth out?” I replied “ Yes she is fine with you pulling my teeth out.” But before she did she had to numb my tooth first so it won’t feel too painful, ( The thing that she was using to numb my teeth tasted like mint. )
When she was done she got that big thingy and yanked my tooth out I couldn’t feel a thing.
After that she gave something soft so bite on, she told me to bite on it as hard as I can, so I did as she said. Then she gave me a paper and said to me, “ This paper means you won’t need to come to the dentist until next year.” I said in my head ( That's a long time ) Then I took that thing out of my mouth and chucked it in the bin. Before I left she said to me, “ The numb feeling should go away before morning tea, but if it doesn't then eat on the other side of your mouth.

Then as I was walking back to class I see no one there in my literacy class, they were all gone. I was wondering where they have gone I was lost, I was just standing outside looking around for them, but then I hear a lot of chatter outside and it was them, but the strange thing is as they were walking back to class, they were holding eggs in their hands, some were cracked but some were perfectly together. I was wondering why they were holdings eggs for I was really confused.

When I was at the dentist I felt scared and nervous but when it was done I felt better then ever, but when I got back from the dentist I was so, confused and mixed up on
(A) why they were holding eggs and (B) Where they went.
I was still so so so confused!!!!!

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