Friday, 16 May 2014

Basket Boat

Basket  Boats
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1. Find Qui Nhon on a map.  Zoom out and take a screenshot of Qui Nhon and New Zealand on the map.

2. What job does Thanh want when he grows up? The job that Thanh want’s when he grows up is to be a fisher men like his dad.

3. Where is Qui Nhon? Where it is? Qui Nhon is on the southern coast of Vie

4. What is a thong chai? A thong chai is a nice rounded wooden boat and it is good to float in the water.

5. List in order the jobs the children will do if there is an extra big catch of fish:

1. If they catch a extra big catch they have to sort out the fishes.
2.Then the boys help to drag the thungchai from the waters edge.

6. How does the boat get its shape? How the boat gets its shape is by tightening it all up so so tight and it is.  

7. What makes the thong chai stay together? The thing that makes the thong chai stay is bambo.

8. Why do they smear sticky resin over the thong chai? Every six months they put a sticky resin from a special tree it smeared over the inside and out of the thungchai. This makes the boat watertight. It also stops the bamboo from getting rotten in the sun and the salty water.

9. List three ways the thong chai can be used for.
- Headlamps to attracted Fishing
-Crab traps
-They take passengers  on board for a tour.

10. BLOGGING:  Use the photo you have found of Quin Nhon and post to your blog with a few sentences explaining what a thong chai is, and what it is use for.

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  1. Hi Heather I really enjoyed reading your report on Basket Boats. You went into great detail and it was interesting and informative. Well done. :)