Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Using all word classes

WALT:  We are learning how identify different word classes using pictures

We are setting an example of what a Determiner, adjective, noun, verb, and adverb we had to identify it by a picture. 


  1. Thank you for teaching me how to use the I-Maks. You kids know alot about the I-Maks and how the apps work. I really appriciate how hard you work on the I-Maks. You really take learning seriously. I have a few questions for you
    1. Is it easy teaching others?
    2. Is it hard to work on?
    3. How did you get tought?
    4. How many people have you tought

    Thank you
    By Haley Powdrill

    1. My blog link is:

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    3. Hi there Haleyp

      Umm Is it easy teaching others?? Well I am just 10 years old but if you mean helping out my cousin and friends then yes sometimes it is. Is it hard to work on? Well sometimes but if you do too then don't worry just ( STOP, THINK and DO. )
      How did I get thoughts well that is an easy one I just did what I gave to you
      ( STOP, THINK and DO. ) Also another trick is to move to a spot where you can concentrate on your learning and cannot be distracted. How many people have I tought? Well um I haven't really tought anyone only some friends of mine so since you ask um mm out of the friends I have tought somethings to say about... Five. So yeah thanks for asking me these questions were lets see ?/10....................... 10/10!!!!!!!! I loved them but for the teaching and tought ones well I have never but only friends and cousins so thanks have wonderful day and may God and Jesus bless you. Blog chat with you later. (:

  2. Hi Heather It is Zaedyn Thank you for teaching me about garage band and iMovie here is my link to my blog.