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Jesus is Born

Two thousand years ago in a city called Nazareth, there lived a woman called Mary.

One day she met  a kind man and his name was Joseph. Mary and Joseph fell in love and got married. When Mary was sitting down, on a chair an angel appeared and the angels name was, Gabriel, Mary was frightened then the angel spoke to her and said, “don’t be afraid I bring good news to you God has chosen you to be the mother of his son.” Then Mary went to Joseph to tell him about the good news, Joseph was surprised as well as happy. That night Joseph was sleeping and he had a dream and they was an angel the same angel that visited Mary, He said in his dream “ Take good  care of Mary for she is going to have a baby gods son.” Joseph was so happy to hear this news and he did take good care of Mary.

Sometime later Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem Joseph saddled a Donkey for Mary to ride on, and they both set off to their Journey. When Joseph and Mary got to Bethlehem, there were so many people visiting Bethlehem that they couldn't find a place to sleep for the night. Then they went and asked a Grumpy in keeper if they could have a home to live in and he said, “ No no no you can not stay here.” Then Joseph and Mary Sadly looked down and then Joseph told the man why they needed a house, Joseph said “ But my wife is about to have a baby.” Then it got the innkeeper thinking for a few moments and finally he got an idea he said that they could stay in a stable. Joseph and Mary was happy to have a place to stay in even if it was a stable. That wonderful night a little baby was born, Jesus. Mary laid him in the manger where there were soft hay. Out on the hills there were shepherds looking after their sheep's, suddenly Gods angels appeared in the sky to tell them the wonderful news,that God son Jesus was born,when the angels disappeared the  shepherds hurried to find the baby Jesus, they finally found him he was laying in the soft hay. Sometime later three kind wise men, came to baby Jesus and Gave three different gift (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh) This was the true story of Christmas.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery:

Last Friday the year fives and six travelled to the Auckland Art Gallery. We travelled a ginormous way to get their. Once we got their we all were so extremely excited to go inside the Auckland Art Gallery. As we were hanging around in the bus we all watched the other groups of them walk past us, we were waving to them well they were walking. once they went past it was time for us to go with them so we all quickly stand up and we all ran out the door as fast as we could to go inside the Auckland Art.

Before we went inside the art gallery we had to get into some little groups. Miss Ouano called the groups name and we had to go to our groups. Class 10 and Class 9 and Class 7, met 4 lovely ladies, their names were Charlotte, Mandy,Linda and Alice. Miss Ouano’s Group was chosen to go with Linda, we all followed her to where we were going. As we followed her she showed us a place that place had many drawings, drawings of many kind she told us painting can tell many stories.

As she was showing us around we all were looking at painting along the hall way, we stopped at a place where their were humongous paintings and some interesting ones as well, as we all sat down she told us about a story of a man and a girl who saw a young man in  cave as they walked in they saw a old women sitting in a old chair.

After all that we all went outside for some fresh air and once we went outside we all had some of our tasty lunch.

As we all were trying to finish of our food some of us were playing games and played on the side of the stares some people were being very silly, and some people were being very kind by letting people who had not have a turn in front of them.

How to Create a Silver Picture Frame

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All about samoa

Talofa lava

Today this slide show is about Samoa. There are five slides and I am going to give you five question today. 

Number one why did the hippo wear sun screen? 

A. Because he had sunburn

B. He was hot

C. It is very hot and he will get sunburn

Number two

Why did the lion go into the fridge?

A. He was going to get a fish
B. He was going to get a mango
C. He was going to get a coconut

Number three

How long will it take to get from NZ to Samoa?
A. 6 hours or 12 hours
B. 10 hours or 13 hours
C. 2 hours or 3-4 hours

Number four 

What happens when the dragon eats too much pork bun?

A. Because you might get fat
B.Because then you might not have anymore pork buns
C. Because you will never ever have pork buns ever in your life again

Number five
Why did the wolf go to the samoan beach?

A. Because it was a better place to swim
B.Because it was very cold and clean
C.Because it loved the fishes in the sea

Friday, 24 October 2014


Wired 3.3.08
by Iona McNaughton
WALT: Create new ideas from the information in the text

  1. What makes Regan’s plant “ultimate”?
  2. Which is your favourite piece of art and why?

  1. Write 5 questions you could ask Regan Gentry to find out more about him and his art works.

  1. How many wired plants have you mad?
  2. What are their names?
  3. Who inspired you to do this?
  4. Why did you make birds out of bread?
  5. Where about is it?

Turn your interview questions into a movie using Movenote OR an ipad and make sure to plan your questions and answers! Make sure to plan before you record!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Victorian Era

The Louth-London Royal MailOnce in the 1880 there lived poor little children and they were offered a job in a filthy place. They really wanted to go to school but instead they had to work. It was so sad I couldn't even watch at all it was so sad I was about to cry. When they were doing there work this man was singing and the children were working. Then they started to sing. “ Work terrible work. Work terrible work.” Sang other words to. After that this man was so mean because this girl was just singing and then the man put up a sign beside her and she said to him, “ Sorry,” Then it said “No talking no even whistling.” Then she had to be quiet all of them had to they all became quiet and started to do their work. At the end they started to sing, “ I wish I could go to school like other kids do I wish I could to school like other kids do.” But they had to work all their lives.

My background for my animation

This is my image that I am using for my animation. A artist named Paul Cezanne he was the on who painted this art work. This panting was finished in 1880.

Why we have to stay sunsmart

Why we have to stay sunsmart.

How we stay safe from the sun?
Do you know why we have to stay safe from the sun? Well if you don’t I can help you here is a few tips on why we stay safe from the sun.Hi I am going to tell you something about being sun safety. September to April from 10am to 4pm that is the time of sunburn time, that is the time the suns temperature of the sun goes stronger and hotter it can even cause damage to your body. Now I am going to tell you why we have to be Sunsmart.


Whenever you go to the beach on a really sunny day, you will have to take sunblock so when you are in the sun and not in the shade, you can wear sunblock so you don’t get sunburned.


When you go places on a sunny day, you should make sure we wear something that will protected from the sun. because you can get sunburned, so make sure to wear a sun hat and a thin long sleeve so you don’t get too hot and get a bleeding nose. Most of all so you don't get burnt.

Preparing for the sun:

When you are preparing to go to a beach you always have to protect yourself. SO when you are preparing to leave, to go to the beach you have to make sure you pack the right things, on a sunny day.You have to make sure you bring your sunscreen, and your hats and all the things you really need. So once you go into the water your sunscreen will protect you, well you are in the water.

Listen so you don’t get sunburned:

The reason why we listen to our mum, and dad is because when they tell us to put sunblock on, we have to listen before we will get skin cancer. That is deadly for those who don’t know. So if you don’t listen to your mum and dad you can get really burnt so always, remember to listen to them ok.

Why do we have to stay sunsmart? Give me two sentence why we have to be sunsmart.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Maths practice

Roimata and her friend Heather went to go tricky treating when they came back they started to count up there sweet lollies Roimata had 99  lollies Heather had 38 lollies how many are all together?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Key Competencies Explanation

Managing self:
For Example, when you are not making a good choice you should stop, think then do the right choice. Always make sure that you are, listening to the teacher and keep your hands and legs to yourself  And Always Manage yourself so you can get a good report and make you mum and dad proud. If you come to school every day to learn in the future you and I will get a good  job. The reason why we should manage our self is because if we don’t we might not do anything good but if you do pick the right choice and           

Relating to others:
For example

Relating to others mean you are being nice and you are listening to what they say and most of all when someone is talking you have to listen and  not talk over them. Sometimes people are being mean to people when they have done nothing wrong to them and sometimes you have to look after that person and say sorry then get together and play again.

for example  
Thinking is an important part of your body. So when you do your math you can be a very brainy student and know what the answer is just like that. After about a year or so you will become a grown up, and once you have a family you will be able to go and find a job. Then when your boss tells you to do something you will think  about  what you're  going to do all so  you can think   about what to be when you grow up. Then you can think of your future what you are going to be like when you are an old person you can tell stories when you were young and tell it to your young ones.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Sailing the Pacific Part 2

Sailing the Pacific Part 2  
Poupe d'un waka néo-zélandais
Vaka Voyagers 2.3.03 Maria Samuela
EVALUATION - Seeing both sides

“The early pacific sailors were crazy to try and cross the Pacific Ocean in small boats”

Make a chart and list your reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with this statement.
I agree with this statement because……..
I disagree with this statement because……….

I don’t agree that they were going crazy but I say that they were brave and not afraid at all.

CREATING/SYNTHESIS - Coming up with new ideas

7. Design a new improved vaka for sailing the pacific TODAY. You can include anything you like to make the journey safe and comfortable, and show how you would store food for the long voyage.

Use drawings and labels to explain your interesting ideas.
I just wanted to put a picture of something on there to show that this is the boat I would of draw but couldn't so…. This is my work.
BLOGGER choose 1 or more activities to share on your blog with a sentence explaining what you have been learning. DO NOT POST the questions above!

What makes a good Champion

What makes a good Champion from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

HI there Pt England friends

Me and my two friends were making a movie about: What makes a Champion. Sorry if it does not sound very good it was very loud in our class room because everybody was doing the same thing well listen carefully OK thank you and please leave a comment below have a good day see you around school. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sailing the Pacific

Sailing the Pacific  
Poupe d'un waka néo-zélandais
Vaka Voyagers 2.3.03 Maria Samuela

KNOWLEDGE - What are the facts
1. When was Kupe supposed to have discovered Aotearoa?                                                                                     He was supposed to discover it, one thousand years ago.

2. Make a list of the materials you would need to make a vaka. Ro make a Vaka you will need coconut fiber and some Pandanus leaves.

COMPREHENSION - Show that you understand the information
3. Why would it be dangerous to sail on the open sea one thousand years ago? Because there was big waves and it might have died and drowned in the sea water.

4. Think of another title that summarises what the article is about and would be a good hook for the reader (Discovering Aotearoa.) or (Navigating Aotearoa)

APPLICATION - Using what you read in the article
5. Create a WANTED poster as an advertisement for a navigator on a vaka. Your poster should have a catchy title to get people’s attention, a picture or illustration, and a list of the skills needed for the job. Screenshot 2014-09-04 at 10.20.31 AM.png

ANALYSIS - Organising information from the article
6. Create an INFORMATION WEB titled Sailing the Pacific summarising the information in this article about navigation aids and the boats used. Use google draw or padlet.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Heather and Chris-Samoa

Sun is burning me up!  
Amazing and it is getting hot!
Morning Samoa
Animals is Samoa are beautiful they have dogs,cats and chickens and pigs as well.
Noce Di Cocco, Natura, Samoa, Esotici, South Sea. Google+ Follow usFile:Animated-Flag-Samoa.gif

Friday, 22 August 2014

Maths Practice

Mashed Potato Sculpting - Punctuation


mashed potato sculpting originated in auckland new zealand in 2014 it was invented by a great teacher named miss garden the aim of the game is to sculpt an amazing piece of art using mashed potatoes the equipment you will need is a plate of freshly mashed potatoes and a flat surface to work on mashed potato sculpting is held indoors this is because the mashed potato needs to be in room temperature perfect for sculpting this is an individual event there are five competitors competing at one time each player has two minutes to sculpt a master piece from mashed potatoes competitors must only use the the mashed potato on their own plate players who touch or steal potato from other competitors are immediately disqualified.


Mashed Potato sculpting originated in Auckland New Zealand in 2014. It was invented by a great teacher named, Miss Garden. The aim of the game is to sculpt an amazing piece of art using mashed potato. The equipment you will need is a plate of freshly mashed potatoes, and a flat surface to work on. Mashed potato sculpting, is held indoors. This is because the mashed potato needs to be in room temperature perfect for sculpting this, is an individual event. There are five competitors competing at one time. each player has two minutes to sculpt a master piece, from mashed potatoes. Competitors must only use the the mashed potato on their own plate. Players who touch or steal potato from other competitors are immediately disqualified.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Monsoon Flood

Monsoon Flood 2.2.09
File:2007 Flood Maitland.jpg

Screenshot 2014-08-20 at 9.46.31 AM.png

Find Burma on a map. Label it. Take a photo to put on this doc to show where it is.  (B)
Burma is the Island with the red line.

REMEMBERING - What are the facts
2. Make a list of all the characters in the story: The Mum/Sister and Maung.

UNDERSTANDING - Show that you understand the story
3. Choose 1 word from the story that are new, difficult, or interesting to you: Monsoon, lapping, banks, temple, gradually.
Write a sentence for it showing that you understand what it means.  Difficult means that you are not understanding or you are confused and you do not know the meanings of something,or something is to hard for you to understand.

APPLYING - Using what you know from the story   (B)
4. Make a poster warning the people in the village about monsoon floods.
Remember a poster should have a title, some information and drawings.

CREATING - Coming up with new ideas   (B)
6. Design a village hut that would be safe from monsoon floods.
Label your drawings or write descriptions to explain your interesting ideas

Blogger choose 2-4 of your completed  (B) (blogger friendly) activities to share on your blog. Screenshot 2014-08-20 at 9.22.28 AM.png

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Punctuation- Three Little poigs

Punctuating a paragraph

Put the correct punctuation marks to this paragraph. When you’ve finished post this to your blog. Title: Punctuating a paragraph
fullstops, speech marks and capital letters in the right place

go yelled dad he was yelling at the tv while watching the boxing during the commonwealth games Dad was watching very intensely david nyika looked strong boom his opponent was knocked to the ground hooray we all shouted david won gold and he is a champion wow i thought i want to be a boxer when i grow up

Once finished please post this to your blog.

Title: Punctuating a paragraph

When I got back home I saw the couch from out the window. I felt like it was waiting for me two lay down and sleep on it. But instead my dad went and layed down on it, the couch looked like it didn’t want my dad to lay down on it, and trying to get him off the couch, it could not because it had no hands.

So when I came to my dad he was watching the commonwealth games that he, recorded to watch. I saw that it was heavy weight lifting that he was watching,

Samoa was up next went samoa went he was so worried that they might drop it, but when he was watching, he saw that he got it up and stood up and said “ GO! SAMOA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” When I heard him I jumped in a fright but then I calm down and went back to sleep.

The High Bar

The High Bar 3.3.0
REMEMBERING - What are the facts?
  1. How does Haley feel about the high bar? She feels scared

  1. Make a list of some things Haley should have done to overcome her fears : Look as it as a friends, and not look at it as a monster.
UNDERSTANDING - Show that you understand the story
  1. Choose 2 words from the article that are new or interesting to you. Here are some suggestions but you can choose your own:  giants personification

Write a sentence for each one showing that you understand the meaning.  What giants mean is that it is a big monster it is scary, and what personification means she is imagining that it is real and describing it as something that is alive.
APPLYING - Using what you know from the story  (B)
  1. Make a training poster for Haley to put on her wall to encourage her to keep training hard and give it 100%.

EVALUATING - Sorting out the good from the bad  (B)
  1. Make a list of the good things (Positive) and the bad things (Negative) about training for gymnastics.

Good - Positive
Bad - Negative
Trying your best
Having fun
cheering people on
Giving up
Being mean
not helping others
laughing at someone that tried there best

  1. Give this story a rating out of 10 depending on how much you enjoyed it.  Write down a reason for giving the rating you did.
 Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 12.07.38 pm.png
Reason: The reason why is because it showed me and told me things that I have never learnd before but most, of all it taught me never to be afraid of anything.
CREATING - Coming up with new ideas   (B)
  1. Make up a training and eating programme for Ruby for each day of the week so that she will be super fit

Presenting your interesting ideas: google draw or presentation, ABC or sumo paint, movenote, ipad    imovie, hyperstudio, vocaroo, padlet, google animation.
Blogger choose 2-4 of your completed  (B) (blogger friendly) activities to share on your blog.
Screenshot 2014-08-14 at 9.50.53 AM.png

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Information on Lions

Kings of the JungleMales defend their territory, be it open woodland or scrub, through urinating to mark the area, roaring to promote fear and literally chasing off any intruders. Their main competition is spotted hyenas that often go for the same prey as lions. These animals will fight and steal each other's food. This warfare goes beyond food; it is also the problem of territorial boundaries being crossed. Lions can be extremely aggressive and have been seen hunting hyenas, killing them and not eating their prey. They dominate and promote fear in other animals, such as cheetahs and leopards, so that they do not prey the same time that lions do. Males eat the prey first despite the females usually catching it. It can take up to four hours to finish a meal and can drink for an extremely long time straight after.Basically the male lions defend and protect their territory as females hunt. This is their part to keep their pride thriving and growing. Lions are affectionate and playful when resting, which can usually take up to 16 - 20 hours a day, and extremely defensive and nasty when food is on the scene. They show their affection by head rubbing and licking. These animals are mostly known for their ferocious roar but they do also make other noises including meowing, woofing, purring, coughing and hissing.Lion CubsCubs come in litters of between one to five babies and are either carefully nurtured or completely neglected. If this is the case, other lionesses will allow the cub to suckle despite it not being their own. Lionesses baby sit each other's cubs too, which demonstrates the amount of care and respect they have. They give birth once every two years with the cubs eating meat after three months and are continued to be nursed three months after. Most lionesses have cubs by the age of four.Lions are quite possibly one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. With their stereotypical ferocious outer appearance yet a soft, community driven spirit, it is no wonder that lions are used as metaphors to represent sporting teams, community centres and countries alike.Asiatic LionAsiatic Lion(ess), Panthera leo persica are rare. There are about 320-odd remaining in the Gir forest of Gujarat in Western India, and bureaucratic bumbling has prevented the establishment of alternative populations. So a single epidemic could wipe out these fine animals. Though often spoken of as the lion of the Bible, that was probably the extinct Barbary lion.Differences between the African lion are the prominent belly fringe and the larger tuft at the end of the tail. Males have a smaller mane.Interesting information:The largest lion was recorded to be nearly 700 pounds and nearly 11 foot long.The oldest lion on record was nearly 29 years old.A lion's eyesight is five times better than a human being.A lion can hear prey from a mile away.Lions can smell nearby prey and estimate how long it was in the area.A lion's roar can be heard from five miles away.Tigers are so similar to lions that without their coats, their bodies look so similar only experts can tell them apart.When males join a pride, they usually kill other cubs.Lions can go four days without drinking.There is less than 50 000 lions in the world today.The gestation period is about 110 days.To find out more Click down here to go to the Website.