Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The three little pigs

Two little pigs had left  there mother's home and there house were destroyed and killed by the vicious wolf. But the third pig was really smart and he,trapped and killed the  bad wolf and no one was ever harmed again.

The two little pigs from cartoon land, have been spending there time putting there house together protecting them from the big bad wolf. But sadly there home weren't strong enough and they were killed by the vicious wolf.

The eldest of the two piggies was the smartest out of them all, he new that their house were too weak and so he made his out of bricks to protect himself from the wolf. The wolf came and he tried many times to blow the house down and he could not. So he had an idea, to climb down the chimney. The eldest pig saw him climbing so he lit a fire and boil some water and down the wolf came, into the hot HOT water. That was the end of the big bad wolf.

Mummy pig why did you call them little pigs when you said they have grown to big? Because when I had them they were little. Now they have grown up.
How are you feeling about your loss? I really miss the two and I feel really sad and guilty that I made them live now and I really want to hear, there little jokes.

Are you going to invite your third pig back?
I am not sure because he does have a pretty strong house, and the wolf can’t blow it down because the bricks well, they are too heavy.

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