Friday, 1 May 2015

Mr Wiseman’s new Baby.

Mr Wiseman’s new Baby.
May 1st 2015

In Auckland Pt England school there is a teacher, his name is Mr Wiseman he hasn't been coming to school lately, because of his… NEWBORN BABY GIRL!
Mr Wiseman had a baby girl and her name is, Ilah. She is only been in this world for seven days, and Mr has been their for seven days as well.   She was born last week on 23rd of April.It was at one of the hospitals in New Zealand.The reason why he went is so he could see his new baby girl and also, to be there for his wife and birth.
Heather Schwenke, reporting from Pt england school

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  1. Kia Orana Heather,
    I really liked the way you were talking about Mr Wiseman's baby. That is really true that when your going to have a baby then you will have to look after your baby for a while before you start working again. Keep up the great work.