Thursday, 22 June 2017


WALT: Identify feature of persuasive writing

I learnt how to identify features of persuasive writing. I also learnt that, to persuade someone into your speech/presentation you must have... A personal story, thought provoking questions, or a powerful statement. These three things should be the main options to create a hooking speech.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Speech Writing

WALT: Capture our audience's attention with our speeches.

We are learning to create and write our own speech that will capture the audience attention.
During this session we learnt that, you have at least 7 seconds to get your audiences attention,
and at least 30 seconds to whether they will listen or not. Our speech was based on graffiti, tell us... Is Graffiti art or Vandalism??

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tamaki College - Tech Tuesday

Last week on Tuesday, us Yr8's went down to Tamaki College for TECH - (Technology).

I was in cooking. That day we were learning how to create Quiche Pie's. But, the main topic was learning about the different types of pastry.

Our teacher told us different methods on how you know your pastry is just right or, when you have over worked it.

She also taught us what ingredients we will need and what type of equipment we will need for that lesson. The results were overwhelming. All the ingredients just swarming in my mouth, just the smell of it made me drool. But that will not be the end of my pastry journey, this is only stage one of our lesson.

Stage two, we will be creating the same thing but... The only difference is that it is going to be one big whole quiche instead of the mini cupcake sized ones you see in the picture. Not to mention it's gonna put all our pastry skills to the test, and to see who was actually paying attention last section.

 My experience from last week would have to be learning most of the different types of pastry. What I think I could of done better was, making sure that I have all my ingredients before I start dicing everything up.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Paintball War!

WALT: Plan and write a recount about a single event

In this learning time we had to plan four different types of moment and think of
 one of the moments that we enjoyed the most and write all about it.
For me it was pretty difficult because there was so many different events to choose from,
 but I eventually found my subject to talk on.