Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Character: Terry

Planning space
Write what details you know and can guess.
eg. Age, Gender
Boy, about 10 , Terry
What are their interests do you think?
playing games ( Krang castel )
What country do you think they live in?
New Zealand
Would their life have been affected by the earthquake in Christchurch 2011 do you think?
Family,friends,no computer games,
How might an earthquake affect their lives if one happened in their own city.
No school, no water, no food, no video games, family, friends
How would they react in an Earthquake?
Drop, cover and HOLD, evacuate

I am Interviewing a boy named Terry he is 10 years old he is really addicted to computer games. Today I am going to ask him three questions like ( Would your life be affected by the Nepal earthquake? What would an earthquake mean to your city? Also How would you react in an earthquake? ) Let’s get started.

Would your life be affected by the Christchurch earthquake?
Yes because one of my cousin’s live their, and also my mum went their for a visit, and my uncle he was trapped in one of the buildings. He was trapped under a building for two days.

What would  an earthquake in your city mean to you?
It would mean a lot because my I have a new born baby sister and if an earthquake , hit our city and the hospital collapsed well they are in their I don’t know what I would do also, we would have nothing to eat or drink, and we would have to sleep outside.

How would you react in a earthquake?
I would ( Drop cover and HOLD ) Also I would be pancing and I would be very scared because that would be the first time I have been in an earthquake, but most of all I know I said I will drop cover and hold on I would be running around like crazy and wait till someone pulls me back to safety.

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