Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Super Powers

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words

There are multiple classification types of impressive powers I would love to possess, but if I were to possess only one superpower my superpower would be…. The power to turn into anything I would like to, in other words… ( Shape shifting. )

This power is when you can turn into anything you would like, for example transforming into a puppy. Whenever I would touch something I would turn into it like a tiger or whatsoever. I am convinced that if I could possess that energy from that power, it would feel sore and weird at first but if I got used to it, it would feel like nothing happened.

If I could contain and possess it, I could use it to change into the mayor of NZ and give $100 to everyone in New Zealand but I would not. I would use it to change into a villain and trick other villains into thinking I was one of them and send them to where they belong. Also I would help by changing into a plane and save people who are endangered in other countries. I would use my powers to protect the earth and help everyone and make sure they are safe and at peace.

I really really would exceedingly love to possess that quantity of power to transform into something I would love to turn into, like an animal. Also I would love to see what it would feel like to fly, to soar through the sky and feel the clouds. That has always been my super power dream.

Marked by: Talita
We learned to use juicy words in or sentences to hook the person reading into the story.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Teacher Lesson week 9

We were learning about, these new words for maths it is called..... 'IMPROPER FRACTION' and
'MIXED NUMBERS' As you can see we were learning how to solve 'Improper fraction' Which means a number which doesn't make sense.

Problem solving Week 11

Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a rage of strategies

Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario

(MA MA MA-Mario.Oh hey there, today I will be writing about Super Mario, it is a very fun and a awesome game, there are these mushrooms that can make you go big. You have too….. Avoid Collect and pass levels. Read on for more Info.

The aim of the game is to try and assemble all the stars and not to get connect by those, big evil demon Mushroom, so you have to avoid them. But here is a hint their affected point is their heads. Also you have to proceed the level, that is the most important part, so that means you have to keep your attention on the computer focus and not to be distracted, if you want to complete all levels.

Now lets proceed onto the head character, Mario. He is the hero of course he is always on the rescue and on time as well, super Mario is a great character there are things that Mario can use  to upgrade himself to a big Mario. Their are these red white dotted Mushrooms , they come out of a squared golden mystery box, then Mario can fetch it and become bigger like 1 Times Bigger .

The controls of the game is the pad arrows on the side of the keyboard or laptop, the jump button can be. The space bar or the UP arrow, the back button is the LEFT arrow, move forward button is the RIGHT arrow and that is all there is.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the information that I have given you for, ( Super Mario ) It is an awesome game and fun to play. Have fun.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Miss Tito-Simile activity

We are learning about 'SIMILES'  here is an examples of what a simile is.
 He is as brave as a lion. 'Like' and 'As' is a simile.
Here is another example, ' Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get .' We are also learning 'comparisons'

Friday, 19 June 2015

My Whakapapa

This is about me and my family. I add a few touches like my friends and uncle, as well. It is fun to make this because you get to figure out some of your families name and also you can ask about some uncles you have never ever knew about. Also it is a lot of fun. Well I hope you guys like it. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Teacher solving problem

Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Teacher Lesson week 8

We are learning about fractions, also there are these two words that are apart of the fraction
it goes with 1/2 number 1 is Numerator and number 2 on the bottom is Denominator. Denominator tells what to split a number into and also the other word which is, Numerator tells us how many we get. S

Monday, 8 June 2015

Teacher Solving problem

Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Teacher Solving problem

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier

Teacher Solving problem

WALT: solve multiplication problems with 1 multiplier.

Teacher lesson week 7

We are learning about fractions, we are using times and divided by to give as some help on it. Also our maths teacher Mr S was talking about these two words which is....... 1. Numerator and 2. Denominator.

Teacher Lesson week 6

We are learning to use our divide a by and Times tables together, we are doing this as an easy way of doing our divide a by.... For example.....

50 divide a by 5 = ?  
50 divide a by 5 = 10               Now lets see what it will be in times tables.....
5 x 10 = 50 

Problem solving

Walt: Solve multiplication problems using a rang of strategies.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Family members

Family is like friends and they are by your side no matter what and even if they are not beside you they are always in your heart to guide you the right way and to make you feel better and to help you whenever and whenever you are feeling down they will always pick you back up. So remember this, no matter when times are hard they will always be there for you no matter the cost.
So we must return the favor by loving and helping them no matter if they are far no matter if they are not there just pray for them. No matter if they have past always pray for them make them happy every day and every time.

Teacher Lesson week 5

We are learning to solve a problem by splitting and timing and with two factors. It is similar like the other one but a bit different for examples...

15 x 11 = 165
10 x 10 = 100
10 x 1 = 10
5 x 10 = 50
5 x 1 = 5                 110 + 55 = 165

Teacher lesson week 4

We were learning about splitting and adding it is a way we use to figure out hard numbers and when we are stuck in a math situation. Some of us already new what to do and we had to work as a team to figure this out, for example....

23 X 5 = ? 

23 X 5 = 115

                                20 & 3

                                  20 X 5 = 100
                                  3 X 5 = 15              
                                  100 + 15 = 115