Friday, 8 May 2015


Story: Virtual Liam
Character: Liam

Planning space
Write what details you know and can guess.
eg. Age, Gender
Liam may be about 10 or 11 years old, he is a male.
What are their interests do you think?
I think Liam likes racing games on the computer.
What country do you think they live in?
I think he lives in China not to far from Nepal.
Would their life have been affected by the earthquake in Nepal do you think?
not really because he might not be living there , and he might be living in a different coutrie.
How might their lives have been affected if an earthquake hit in their city?
The lives would have been affected by the earthquake because, once it hits his sitty then his city will calaps and it would fall apart, and his world would be endangered.
Is there anything that the character could do, or might do, to help the people in Nepal who have suffered from the earthquake?
He does feel really bad about the Nepal earthquake because the poor people have no shelter, not enough water no food and they are so so cold.

Write your interview questions

  1. Write short introductory paragraph about who the character is (2 sentences should be enough).
  2. Write a question that asks the character about their thoughts on the Nepal Earthquake.
  3. Write a question that asks the character about what an earthquake in their city would mean for them.
  4. Write a question that asks the character if they are going to help Nepal in anyway.

Answer the questions you have written as if the character had answered it themselves.

Write your interview here:

Liam is a eleven years old boy who lives in New Zealand.

Liam what are your thoughts about the Nepal earthquake? Well I think some international aid helicopter might come to save them.

Liam how would you feel if an earthquake hit your city? I would feel really sad and if one of my parents died then I would feel even worse and for all the people.

Liam how would you help Nepal?
I would help by fundraising money or start a forty hour famine and, not talk for 40 or 20 hours but have only a sugar bar.

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