Friday, 15 April 2016

Ways to make kindness go viral

Helping the homeless ( Giving $2 to the homeless could change there life )

Doing the chores ( Doing the chores means less for your parents, now they can rest and so can you there is nothing else to do )

Looking after your pet ( When you look after your pet it means he/she will feel loved and being cared for also, it means you are taking charge and being responsible )
Making time ( Making times doesn't really approve but, making time means time with family and loved ones, you could do many kind things for them during that special time )
Baby sitting ( Looking after your baby nez/nefu or baby brother/sister or baby cousins )
    A special kindness card ( Making a card and saying something kind about that person could make there day even more special )
    I love you ( Telling and showing that you love your family can make them feel loved safe and cared for even more )
    Be helpful ( Don't just help with the chores in the house, also do some chores outside the house like, learn how to mow the lawn )
    Doing some homework ( Sometimes your mum or dad would ask you to do some homework and then you can go outside and play with your friends, I suggest doing as they say to do because, when you do your homework in the holidays you improve more and more )

    Be KIND ( Be kind by doing some of these things or be more creative and do something more, go out of the box and be kinda-mental )

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