Friday, 15 April 2016

The life of my brother - Fa‘afetai

When he was  a little kid he was really shy and he didn t know what to expect . When he and the family came from Samoa to New Zealand, at first he thought , "It will  be good, " but soon he would learn that it wasen‘t that easy to adapt into this new inviormant. So my family try to fit in at work, because my dad had to rush back to get him ready for school, but it got harder and harder for him to go work come back, so he retired his job of being a part time worker to take care of him. Ever since he retired he has been driving him around for work, he says work is fun because he gets to talk to people who really understands him,so yeah you meet people like me that really want to fight freedom of choice. Thats what our family tort him.

By: Fa'afetai and Heather


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  2. Hi Heather. How is your brother Tai? I had a great time catching up with him at the school FiaFia night. He still remembered me even though it was such a long time ago when he was in my class. Did he enjoy watching you perform in the Rock Band and Samoan group? I did! You did such a great job. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Mrs Lagitupu

      Sorry for the late reply, but Tai is good and of course he remembers you, he did enjoy my performance and thank you for the complement.
      Have a lovely time in term 2!!!