Friday, 15 April 2016

School ends today😎

Today was the last day of this term. The year 7 did a lot of amazing stuff today like, art and cooking.
For the arts people we created some signs to represent a movie we watched, it is called Boys2men. They also did some flower art, I do not know what it was called but it looked beautiful. For the cooking crew we made some pasta mince and cheese, it was delicious some Yr 7s had four plates of it. We also had with the food some coke and the once we had all that we all had one pear each. It was the best Yr 7 experience I have ever had. Our teachers leading us in this were Ms M, Ms Clark and Matuawillas.

After all those fun and amazing task, we finally packed up cleaned up the entire street and grabed our bags, some left and took there chromebooks, and gave some chocolate out to everyone. Once all the heavy work was done, we sat down and relaxed for a little while and we had a little korero with
Ms M then left off for our last assembly for this term. We said our goodnyes and said thank you to the teachers gave them a great big hug and then started walking off knowing that once we get home we could kick off and relax.

Ofcource the Yr 8s just as we were leaving just returned, every Yr 7 were so happy to see them again.
( To be honest it wasn't the same without our Yr 8s around. )

Have a happy, safe and kind HOLIDAY!!!😎😎😎😃😃😃😎😎😎


  1. Hi Heather
    That is totally true. Because without the Yr 8s it's just boring at school