Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Super Powers

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words

There are multiple classification types of impressive powers I would love to possess, but if I were to possess only one superpower my superpower would be…. The power to turn into anything I would like to, in other words… ( Shape shifting. )

This power is when you can turn into anything you would like, for example transforming into a puppy. Whenever I would touch something I would turn into it like a tiger or whatsoever. I am convinced that if I could possess that energy from that power, it would feel sore and weird at first but if I got used to it, it would feel like nothing happened.

If I could contain and possess it, I could use it to change into the mayor of NZ and give $100 to everyone in New Zealand but I would not. I would use it to change into a villain and trick other villains into thinking I was one of them and send them to where they belong. Also I would help by changing into a plane and save people who are endangered in other countries. I would use my powers to protect the earth and help everyone and make sure they are safe and at peace.

I really really would exceedingly love to possess that quantity of power to transform into something I would love to turn into, like an animal. Also I would love to see what it would feel like to fly, to soar through the sky and feel the clouds. That has always been my super power dream.

Marked by: Talita
We learned to use juicy words in or sentences to hook the person reading into the story.


  1. That would be so awesome to have a super power of being able to change into anything! You did a great job of using juicy words, and you really hooked me into your story. I agree with you; I think it would feel super weird to change into something else, but I think you'd get used to it. What kind of animal would you want to change into? I think if I could, I'd change into an elephant :) I LOVE that you want to use your super power to help other people and the world! You could help so many people if you were a plane. You also could turn into a house or shelter and give lots of people homes. Keep up the good writing! #comments4kids