Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario

(MA MA MA-Mario.Oh hey there, today I will be writing about Super Mario, it is a very fun and a awesome game, there are these mushrooms that can make you go big. You have too….. Avoid Collect and pass levels. Read on for more Info.

The aim of the game is to try and assemble all the stars and not to get connect by those, big evil demon Mushroom, so you have to avoid them. But here is a hint their affected point is their heads. Also you have to proceed the level, that is the most important part, so that means you have to keep your attention on the computer focus and not to be distracted, if you want to complete all levels.

Now lets proceed onto the head character, Mario. He is the hero of course he is always on the rescue and on time as well, super Mario is a great character there are things that Mario can use  to upgrade himself to a big Mario. Their are these red white dotted Mushrooms , they come out of a squared golden mystery box, then Mario can fetch it and become bigger like 1 Times Bigger .

The controls of the game is the pad arrows on the side of the keyboard or laptop, the jump button can be. The space bar or the UP arrow, the back button is the LEFT arrow, move forward button is the RIGHT arrow and that is all there is.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the information that I have given you for, ( Super Mario ) It is an awesome game and fun to play. Have fun.

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