Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What Easter is really about

When Easter comes up, me and my mum are going to make… Some DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE! I can already taste the delicious taste in my mouth I feel like I am about to drool all over the house.

Easter is not all about chocolate, its all about Jesus Christ resurrection. It was when he was crucified on the cross and he lived once more, that day merry saw the stone moved from the wall and an angel appeared saying to Marry, “ Do not be afraid of me dear merry, for God has resin Jesus once more.” The angel said. Merry was happy very indeed, as she walked she saw Jesus, and she went to touch him but he had said, “ Do not touch me for I shall see my father first.” He said.

So that why Easter is not all about chocolate. But Jesus and God would want us to have fun and not to, be foolish but to be kind and gentle. Never ever forget that Easter is all about “Jesus Christ resurrection.”

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