Friday, 24 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

Do your teachers ever feed you some tasty school made mini pancakes before? In ASSEMBLY!
Well of course something like that happened like this morning and everyone was just sitting up smiling and some serious trying to get some food.

While we were walking in we saw, Mrs Garden, Miss Nua, the Prefects, and Mr Jacobson, also their was a drone which was controlled by a phone. As they were severing, Mr Burt talked about our new item which was,Tinkering Tools & Toys. After that he called up ( Team 1 ) Their theme was about Healthy food healthy body, and healthy Teethes, then they started to hand out, sandwiches and carrots also salaries sticks. Sooner or later it was time for item two. Item two was Winnie the Pooh and his friends trying to build a new house for their friend the donkey, he no longer like his house so they came up with good ideas. Later on it was time for team 3. Teams threes item was about using stuff around you when you are bored so the built things and had fun. Then time for team four four four.
Team 4’s item was on a rainy day and Mr Backs had nothing to do so he plays a game and he picks Mr S as his hero. Then he fights the evil and then when he got to the end he lost to Mrs Jacobson and a fish.

After all those cool and funny items Mr barks went on stage and he was talking all about something he did when he was little, he was talking about something he invented, so he pulled it out of the corner and he showed us his old Hovercraft, and he told us that he had to use a leaf blower to get it started. But first he needed an assistant so, he called us Mr S, he rushed up their and he helped to get the engine running for the leaf blower, then Mr S hopped on and he was floating in thee air, then Mr Barks gave him a little push and off he goes back and forth and just about, to crash against the wall.

After all that laughter and excitement, it was time to get up and go. But before we went Mr Burt did he said one last time, “ Say Tinkering Tools and Toys.” Then we all said it again “ TINKERING! TOOLS! AND! TOYS!.” We all said it very loudly. Then it was time to get up stretch and go to class, and then it was learning time.

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