Thursday, 30 April 2015

New tetris fruit controller

write a lead paragraph of a news report

New tetris fruit controller
Thursday April 30th 2015 Term 2

In New Zealand there is a school called Pt England, there is a class ( Room 6 ) hey are learning about a new technology.

There teacher ‘ Mr Goodwin was the one who was introducing, a little something called a, ( Makey Makey kit.) He was using fruits to make a controller. The students thought it wasn't going to work. But they waited patiently to see the magic. Matt Goodwin the teacher was putting the pieces together, as he was putting the pieces together he brings out five fruits. One was a pear and the rest were kiwi fruits. He stuck the things in the fruit and connected it to his laptop and started to play a game. It actually worked.
The reason why is to show the theme for the month which was, ( Tinkering Tools & Toys.)

Title: New Technology

Byline: Heather Schwenke writing a report at Pt England school.

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