Thursday, 19 March 2015

Malama Honua

On Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 the Extension students were given an opportunity to explore the Hikianalia waka. This is part of the Malama Honua Worldwide voyage. Malama Honua means “ To care for our earth.”  

We went to the Maritime Museum. First we met a man named ‘ Frazer’ he was one of our instructor, we then met a lady named, ‘Miki.’ My group went to the star compass first. There was a man named ‘Kalepa’ He was one of the people who never used a compass but he made one with his mind. He was 1 of 4 people to know how to use a star compass. He taught us how to say names in Hawaiian for east, west, north and south.

After the star compass we went to the Peace flag sign. We had to draw something to show kindness and loyalty, we had to pair up into pairs of two. As we paired up we some of us drawed some Hearts peace signs and all kinds of things. It was amazing and fun at the same time.

Once we finished I saw a rock and the old man said to me and Olivia, “ Touch the rock before you go.” He told us that they bring that rock from Hawaii to New Zealand. As we left the room our next activity was exploring on Hikianalia. We were so Excited to hop on to it, as we hopped onto the boat we had to hold a man's wrist and he would pull us on too the waka. One of the man showed us how to put the flag up. Then he showed us the toilet and the kitchen.

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