Thursday, 26 March 2015

All about Ultimant year 5/6 camp

Have you guys heard of the year 5 and 6 camp?
I was in True crew for camp, it was awesome because I got to sleep with…
Revival, Amethyst and me it was amazing because we got to do fun activity and all those kind of stuff

About Camp
Camp is for three days. On the first night we have a movie night, the second night we have a concert but before all that we do fun activities. On the third day we got to the Manager pools we go to the outside pools. It is Freezing cold and cool because there are slides and a bombing pool and there is a deep pool, on the top close to the bombing pool it is awesome.

Highlight One:
My first favorite Highlight was Killer Zone
Mr Jacobson was our instructor.
He told us for the first one we had 1 packet of water balloons, and we had to try make as much as we could before the trumpet went. Me and Aysha Michal and Lishan, we filled up about thirteen or fourteen  water balloons. As we rushed back to the bottom field as everybody started to arrive, some people dropped some water balloons and we only had a few in each tray.

Some people went and put it in the middle. As we got our Que to go to our spots, we all had to walk to our spots. Once we got to our spots we all got onto the board before he told us to start, the competition was to get to the water balloon side without falling onto the grass, if we do then we lose points and we have to go to the back. 

Then as we got closer and closer to the water balloons, but the real deals got there before us. Then as we sat down between the bright orange cones, Mr Jacobson said “ Ok here is what we are going to do, you are going to take two water balloons don’t take three or four just take two, and then you are going to throw it to the other team.” So everybody got ready with their two water balloon and we all started to throw them. Then once they were all finished we did some more things it felt like it would never stop, but it stop eventually.

Highlight two:
My second favorite one was Kayaking.
When my crew went over to kayaking, we had to put our towel underneath a truck to make sure the wind does not make it blow away. Then as we went and sat down on the grass, Miss Garden told us what we were going to do when we go down to the sand.

We were all running on the sand and then we all sat down and we all waited for Miss Garden to come tell us what we were doing next. Finally when Miss Garden came she told us somethings we needed to know when we sit in the kayak, she said “ The first thing you put in is your feet then your bottom and then your other feet.” Then she told us more things we should know before we started. 

Once she was finished speaking some people put their hand up to go in the double kayak, some people just went in a single like I did. While everybody was waiting at shore for a turn some people were kayaking, and some people were falling off into the cold freezing water, some on purpose and some well because their kayak fell over. 

Then after a few minutes went past we only had, about five minutes to spare. So Miss Garden called us in and she told us if we wanted to swim for the last five minutes and we all agreed and we all started to swim and some were playing swim tiggy and some were just floating in the water and some well just swimming. Then we all go out and we all were very happy we al, dried of and we went back to school.


At camp I felt Happy safe  and loved it it’s like I was free to do whatever I wanted I felt like, I had freedom.

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