Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Information on year 5/6 camp

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Today we had to Google search for a blog and read about there year 5/6 camp. I looked at Taeshell blog and I was reading about, her ( Year 5/6 camp from last year )

She could not wait to go to camp for swimming, because she was happy that the year 7/8, weren't COMING! I was laughing at that one, and the one that she was really REALLY anxious to do Kayaking, because she said the last year Mr Maloi nearly tipped her and Quziyah over. It was really funny to hear that I loved that part of her story. She felt REALLY pumped up for year five and six camp, I could tell.

I am looking forward to eating my goodies and going kayaking and also I am mostly looking forward to.....THE CONCERT ON FRIDAY NIGHT!

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