Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Team 4 trade fair

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Team 4 trade fair

For our topic at Pt England school it is all about ( Trade and Enterprise ) Our learning was based on, turning something little into something big. We have been doing this since the beginning of term 3. We can buy other people’s creative work that they have created. If you never heard of our currency and you really really, want to find out more about it, then read on and i’ll tell you all about it

A trade fair is when you have business groups, and you have created some products, and it’s ready to be shown out to customers also, it is when they can buy and also order many of the products that other groups has made. In team 4 we have our own trade and enterprise fair and we have many many great groups that sells yummy cool pretty musical and clean stuff.

We had lots and lots of different groups like. . . . . . Home ware, Toys, Kitchen, Jewel & accessory,
Custom stationery and Music. I am in jewels & accessory. Every single group had to be teamed up into three’s or fours, I was teamed up into threes with…. Alisha and Henslahval. We all had a lot of astonishing ideas, and we could not pick one of them so we picked all of them there were many ideas and it took a long time to make. Click here for presentation

At the trade fair we were allowed to walk around and see other peoples creation that they made with what they had to make it with. My experiences with this is that this was my first trade fair at school in my life.

In week 8 there will be a market day, which is a day that a lot of products that each group made will be sold. Making the orders will be done on that day and the people's who ordered will get there orders on that day. 
Market day is when we get go around and buy stuff from other groups.

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