Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chocolate HEAVEN!!

The heavenly jaffas chocolate

Chocolate is one of my favorite sweets, if my dad would let me I would buy all the chocolate in the WORLD!

This yummy jaffas chocolate contains, of course jaffas and also the main thing chocolate. You can find this at countdown pak'nsave the dairy or the supermarket, these chocolate cost about, $3.30. This brand was made
by Dairy milk one of my favorite chocolate brand.

When my dad came home my nose started to twitch it twitched to the smell of…….. CHOCOLATE!  I could smell all the combinations and flavor going up my nose, when I smelt this I just recognized my mouth was overflowing with water, it was like a waterfall. As I was smelling and my dad left the king sized chocolate there I looked at it, it was like I was taken by the chocolate gods and they took me to chocolate heaven. When my dad let me have some I took four blocks and I put it in my mouth and KABOOM!!! My taste buds went CRAZY! It was melting in my mouth like butter melting on a hot pan, but before I knew it, every last bit of it was in my mouth.

The thing that they should improve is well .  .  . nothing. Because it is just perfect nothing should be changed, it is like a beauty that came down from, chocolate heaven. So yeah not a thing in that heavenly jaffas chocolate should be changed at all.

I would recommend the product a ten out of ten. By a reason of it tasted heavenly and delicious. The sight of the red dots within the creamy brown chocolate was a bit concerning. But above a ten out of ten.    
Description of learning :
We tasted the chocolates without knowing the flavor. We did that because when we know what we are eating it changes the way our brain thinks about it, it was really cool. When we did this we had to fill out this taste observation sheet of what we saw, felt, tasted, and smelt. We had to write one or two words that describes the chocolate, and then recrafte into a fully detailed sentence. When we were writing we tried to paint a picture in our readers mind, because we wanted our reader to have a good idea of what we are taking about. If I would rate this chocolate I would give it a 10 out of 10.

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